ABSE1The first time I experienced this, it was one of the funniest things I ever saw. The bride was seated close to a picture frame of the husband who was in the abroad. Wawu! What won’t someone even see in this Nigeria.

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Not sure how many people reading this post were born during the era of ice water. Like they say, if you know you know. Well for the privilege of those people wondering what ice water is, ice water is water sold in nylons, probably a cup of water poured into the nylon, tied with the hand without the option of a sealing machine, and left to chill. It was sold for less than a naira back then. It was a classic for school children on their way home from school after miles of trekking. Continue reading “BOTTLED WATER”


If you were to recount a dream you had, how would you describe it other than “I had a dream, and in my dream blah blah blah”.

A king once slept and had a dream which he couldn’t remember upon waking up. It took a man with the spirit of God to “re-dream” his dream and even tell the meaning. My point is if you ever dreamt, it would be past tense whenever you are telling that dream. Continue reading “I ‘HAD’ A DREAM”

Life, Your Movie

I once saw a meme of a guy saying to himself, “What if this world and its happening were just a demo video being played by God for Adam and Eve to show them the consequences of eating the forbidden fruit. It got me laughing and thinking at the same time. A lot of people have several views of life. Some say life is a race, some say it’s a battlefield, some say it’s a journey, some call it a market place and some have described it as a football field, etc. But have you ever thought of life as a movie or a best seller novel, and not just that but also with you as the main character or “actor” as Nigerians normally say? Continue reading “Life, Your Movie”