Everything, Everything

Let me start by saying I’m not a movie critic neither do I do movie reviews, but I believe we learn from every single thing around us if we pay close attention to details. We can learn from people we meet and everything around us including movies. Two of my previous posts were inspired by movies, Titanic and Hacksaw Ridge. But I must say I’m a sucker for movies themed after the US Army and love. And I’m not referring to Zeeworld or Telemundo. I am in fact referring to the likes of The fault in our stars, Warm bodies etc.


You must have guessed by now that today’s post is about a movie about love I saw a while back. What else could be “everything, everything”, if not love? Well, Everything, Everything is about Madeline “Maddy” Whittier (Amandla Stenberg), a young girl suffering from SCID (Severe Combined Immunodeficiency), an immuno-deficiency disease that prevents her from leaving her home and interacting with others. Her mother, Pauline Whittier, takes care of her with the help of her nurse Carla, who has been taking care of Madeline for 15 years. Only Pauline, Carla and Carla’s daughter, Rosa, are allowed in the home. Maddy yearns to see the world, particularly the ocean. What a weird life I must confess. What would you do if you were asked to stay indoor for years with no option of going to the movies, making friends, having contact with people or even taking a stroll to get fresh air? I leave that to you to answer.

For 17 years Maddy was confined in her home. Really the house was super cool, but nothing beats freedom. However, things took a new turn when a new family moves next door, shortly after  Maddy’s 18th birthday. The neighbour’s son, who is Maddy’s age, catches her eye, and interestingly, the windows of both teenagers are opposite each other. Later, the boy writes his number on his window for Maddy to see, and they begin texting. He introduces himself as Olly, and they text for a while, getting to know each other and eventually growing very fond of each other. And you know how stupidly we take decisions when in love, she did take a very seemingly stupid decision. Ok, as if going outside wasn’t harmful enough, Maddy buys two plane tickets to Hawaii, and convinces Olly to travel there with her. In Hawaii, they share a romantic and life-changing experience together.


I know you would be wondering how she survived. Don’t get your hopes too high; she did not survive unscathed. On the second day, she passes out! Tragic? Definitely. The lesson is simple: don’t do silly things because of love. However, the movie continues and she wakes up on her bed at home connected to a life support machine. Luckily she survived and after a couple of days she recovered fully. A doctor from the hospital in Hawaii calls Maddy and informs her that she does not have something as severe as SCID! Yes, you read right. She was free from SCID. So it turns out that it was her mum’s remedy of protecting Maddy after she lost her dad and brother when she was just one year old. Her own mum imprisoned her mind into thinking she was plagued with a deadly virus, and for 17 years she lived her entirely life inside the house. Isn’t this wickedness of the highest order?

For 17 years Maddy was trapped in her mind till the force of love came through for her. This is actually where I begin to draw my lessons. There’s a saying that “we are a product of our thoughts”. So we are either free or slaves by our thinking. For someone reading this post, the same force that rescued Maddy might just be what you need to embrace. You probably have been heartbroken by some Yoruba demon and therefore categorised all guys as Yoruba demons; even our Hausa and Igbo brethren. Maybe it’s time you let go and love that guy pouring out his love towards you. For someone else, all you might need is courage to break free from that prison in your mind. The thought telling you it can’t work is lying. Ever heard the phrase “do it afraid!”? Yes just do it! Launch out that business idea, start that project, you’d be surprised at the progress you’d make by this time next year. For someone else reading this, I feel it might be inferiority complex; the feeling of not being adequate, good enough or substandard. To start with, what’s your standard? Is it other people or yourself? Take a look at the mirror and whoever looks back at you is your standard; that’s your competition. And for some, it might be your attachment to that loved one or supposing friend that has held you down. Not all relationships are compulsory, there are some you have to break free from.  It could also be an abusive relationship. Trust me, you can do without that person. You’d be just fine.

Whatever it is that would break you free from that prison in your mind, do it. Don’t dare live life with regrets of things you could have done. Rather like Maddy take bold steps today and walk free because indeed you are free! And then we also mustn’t forget, love really is everything. So love yourself and love your purpose. Remember this: your life is like a colouring book handed to you by your creator. You either admire the pictures without colours or get to work and start colouring!




Please Lord help me get one more!

Those were the words that Pfc. Desmond Doss kept repeating as he rescued his fellow soldiers behind enemy lines. Doss enlisted as a soldier during World War II but was ostracized by his colleagues due to his pacifist beliefs and stance. He later went on to earn the respect of his colleagues and superiors for his bravery, selflessness and compassion after he risked his life to save 75 men in the Battle of Okinawa. Desmond Doss became the first conscientious objector to receive the Medal of Honour—America’s highest award for courage under fire.

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Yes, I am guilty as charged.

I wonder how many readers of this blog have asked themselves if I live what I preach. And like Paul too, I pray daily that I would not be a cast away after preaching to people. This becomes very important because the Bible makes us understand that many would be cast away on the last day after they have raised the dead, healed the sick, and did all sorts in God’s name. Isn’t that tragic? Continue reading



I remember growing up in a Nigerian home with typical Nigerian parents. My parents wanted us to be as perfect as possible and be the standard for other children in the neighborhood. Anything short of this was not acceptable. If your grades were poor in school, you would hear something like “do those who came first or second in your class have two heads?” When you ask for lunch too early, you would be reminded of your peers who have to hawk to eat. These experiences are things that most people from Nigerian households can associate with. Continue reading


A lot of people are familiar with the saying “knowledge is power”. But I’m yet to hear that a biology textbook cured headache, or even the Bible raise the dead. In essence, , ownership of books do not  guarantee power or victory. What guarantees victory or power is the application of the information in these books. That’s why a pauper can pass an examination reading borrowed  books while a prince who has owns  the same books would  fail the same exam. Ownership isn’t key, application is!

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Grace, what is it?

Its definitions vary from; God’s ability in man’s inability, God-in man’s-Race, divine partiality in humanity, unmerited favour, God’s endless mercies etc. All these definitions have defined grace very accurately, and many of us can relate to at least one of these definitions. Grace isn’t just all these definitions but grace is also God’s character.

Have you ever looked at a situation in your life and then you say that could only have been you Jesus?

At times you write a test and you know that what you wrote down should give you a D and at most a C, but results come out and it’s an A. Continue reading