Opposition at the door

Screenshot_2015-09-22-14-54-27-1Let’s assume you are given an invitation card from the president to pay him a courtesy visit, not withstanding the invitation card you would still pass through so many checkpoints, encounter several soldiers and screenings. And the moment you fail to speak up and provide your evidence of invitation you would soon be on your way back home. The fact the president has invited you doesn’t give you the audacity to walk through the security. Their job is to screen everyone that’s going to access the president. That’s called protocol!
Paul was speaking in 1Corinthians 16:9, “A great door is opened before me but there are many adversaries”. Now I strongly doubt Paul was referring to physical doors, gates or even access to presidential villas. Every positive change you encounter is a door. Possibly you are a crooner of a leg-gedis benz, you can hang on anything from danfo to molue to pure water trucks to get to your destination and suddenly a car comes. Change of levels. The Bible says every good and pleasant gift comes from God, so its obvious the devil didn’t give you that. And since its his joy to see you trek, it would be his joy to see to the end of either you or that vehicle.
Times without number I’ve heard about young men who bought bikes to start the okada business, and on that evening while showing off their bikes they are involved in a very small accident that cost their lives. Why else do you think a boy would be expelled from school in final year due to one very careless act? The enemies at the door! When you become the first graduate in your lineage, you think you have landed, if you aren’t careful you will land flat on the floor.
The world we live in today is a very cruel and wicked one. Infact I would say the world has no teeth, it doesn’t smile. Today someone gets a new job, a new home, a new car or even gets admitted into the university and the next week you hear of their obituary. You think it was just an accident? Enemies at the door!
“I feel” this is partly a reason why some christians remain the way they are. God knows you aren’t capable of handling that change, and instead of giving you what would bring your downfall he withholds it from you till you are fit enough. All a child knows is gimme! gimme!!, always asking for everything, but the father knows just what to give him and what to withhold from him. But the moment he matures into a son and asks, at that moment he gets what he asks. As Christians we should buckle up our prayer life and grow.
Friends, its not about wishing that breakthrough, that new job or admission. But pressing into it. Its not about wanting to have that car so you can oppress your folks, just so you know, the devil is the king of oppression and you are definitely no match for him.
Remember every good and pleasant gift comes from God but He won’t give it to children but sons. For every new level there’s a new devil, that’s just protocol! So daily you have to grow to ward of the opposition at the door. Remain ever blessed.


Milk that cow!

Screenshot_2015-09-14-14-37-06-1The difference between two people as far as am concerned is not their height, stature, color, hair do, age, sex or whatever other measure of comparison. As far as am concerned, it’s their MINDSET, the way they think.
What makes an excellent marketer is not the way he/she dresses or the English he/she speaks, but the fact that he is able to get into your mind and manipulate you into not just liking his product but buying it. You might have gotten home before you realize you bought a dozen of the product you have thought you weren’t going to buy. Hypnotists and illusionists also work with the mind, they have no control over your will or emotion till you allow them into your mind, and boom! They got you. No wonder the Bible says to guard your heart with all diligence.
Now to my cow story. A dying farmer wills his two cows to his two sons, and after his death the first son nagged and nagged. Not seeing anything good in his cow, he calls his friends over and they slaughter the cow. After a mini party, in no time “cow meat” was exhausted. But the other son who thought differently didn’t kill his cow. Instead he fed and milked it till he could use the proceeds to get a bull. And in no time the diary farmer had a herd of cattle.
Now that’s a big difference between these two sons, and the difference is that while one had a narrow and shallow thinking, the other had a futuristic mindset. That you have a million naira in your bank account doesn’t make you rich, what you do with the money would determine that. And the fact that you have one hundred naira doesn’t make you poor. You either see your cow as meat or seed.
Now a lot of us have complained at some point in our lives. That pocket money is just too small, that salary won’t even reach the middle of the month (I nagged about my NYSC allowance too at some point). But fact is it takes a positive mindset to gain positive results. You might not even have a dime, why not volunteer somewhere or do some chores for someone. We are all gifted at doing a particular thing at least. Opportunity they say come in disguise as hard work. Nothing good is going to come out of lying on that bed all day.
“So how long are you going to laze around doing nothing? How long before you get out of bed? A nap here, a nap there, a day off here, a day off there, sit back, take it easy – do you know what comes next? Just this: You can look forward to a dirt-poor life, poverty your permanent houseguest” Proverbs 6:9-11(MSG).
Friends stop waiting on the promises of your government (corpers stop waiting for 49,800 naira). Or even your parents. A successful tomorrow starts with a positive mindset, but a positive mindset not backed up with action is a mere wish.
Take this to heart, “there are no poor people in the world, only poor minds”. Today don’t eat your cow, milk your cow.
Remain blessed!

Who are you?

Screenshot_2015-09-12-13-27-10-1With the growing rate of insecurity in the nation today, security personnels are being deployed daily into our streets in order to curb this menace. That guy driving through your street every evening, or the one that wears those very funny shades with the “Ralph Laurent” shirt might just be keeping surveillance on your area.
The other time I was coming back from an outing with a friend and we were stopped by these two dudes, one in suits and the other in jeans and shirt. After greeting us and showing us their police ID card asked “so who are you?” (See me see wahala o! See jamb question…. Am a goat sir, or can’t you see that my friend has a tail, he’s a monkey). But as silly as their question sounded there was no way on earth I would have bailed out on them without answering them. I was telling myself that, all because I wasn’t in the company of bodyguards or an escort, I was susceptible to all kinds of questions. After all the description of myself, my address, my shoe size (kidding) and all. They said “can you pls identify yourself?” Since I wasn’t in anyway related to President Buhari or Ambode (Lagos state governor). I had to show an ID card to prove who I was, that was the only way out of further interrogation.
The question of identity cannot be overemphasized. Your identity is who you are. I remember back then in school when we were compelled to hang our ID cards on our necks everywhere except the toilet and bathroom. As long as you are a student, just rock it!
And as much as we need to identify ourselves every now and then in life, we also need to identify ourselves in the spiritual realm. Am guessing movies have made us think demons are like zombies with sagging mouths or just spirits. But guess what? They talk, they have sense. They know who to toy with. Some actually asked a group of boys who tried confronting them in the Bible. “Who are you?”(Acts19:15).
They were quoted to have said “Jesus we know, Paul we know, but who are you?” And since the boys didn’t have an identity you can guess what happened next.
Friends its not enough to have your national identity card, your passport, or to be MD, President, or even General overseer, Pastor-In-Charge etc. Like Dr. David Oyedepo would say, “there’s no entitlement in titles”. You might have titles in the physical realm, have you got one in the spiritual realm?
A converted Christian once told of how the demons addressed Pastor Enoch Adeboye as a ruthless General in the spiritual realm, depopulating the kingdom of hell in its number. You might see him as the meekest or humblest person you know, but the demons sure know and respect him.
When a president is heading somewhere in his convoy, no police or army dares stop him till he reaches his destination. That’s the same with the children of God. They are unstoppable, they have got legions of angels accompanying them. Remember the Bible says we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Without an identity or knowledge of who you are you would continually be a victim of harassments from principalities and powers.
Its high time the devil knew your name. Rephrasing the question of those demons to the seven sons of Sceva, “Jesus I know, Bito I know, but who are you?”

Throwback Thursday

images(17)As you read this post so many pictures are been uploaded on Instagram, Twitter and several other social medias with the hashtag #ThrowbackThursday or #TBT. I feel it’s just a wonderful thing to change levels and be able to upload it. I think it just makes us know we aren’t “God” (The unchangeable changer). But we change and no one grows younger like “Benjamin Burton”, We grow older. And the fact that you can post a picture of you when you were celebrating your 10th year birthday or maybe your graduation from primary school or even a family outing when you were much younger is just cool by me. It brings back good memories.
But really what’s the motive behind these posts. Is it to get likes on Instagram? Is it to get attention? Or probably make a mockery of someone? Well I for one don’t mind the likes on Instagram cause why on earth did I post the picture there in the first place. I just feel we should have a new mindset towards our #TBT and that’s THANKSGIVING!
Someone once said, “you might not be where you want to be but you are definitely not where you used to be”. And I think that’s what our throwback pictures are shouting out loud. Today you see some throwback pictures and you can’t but thank God for the person’s life. Now that aside, do we ever look at these pictures and say thank you Jesus! It has been you all through!
You posted a picture of your 10th year birthday party and you would be clocking 25 this year, and yet you feel God doesn’t deserve the praise? And someone right now is saying I don’t even have pictures to post. That’s ok, you sure are reading this post by yourself, there was a time it took your kindergarten teacher to cane you to understand the alphabets. God has been good.
So don’t just post that picture with the #TBT hashtag but add something like #ThankYouJesus #GodHasBeenGood #FaithfulGod. etc. Just so you know it could have been a REMEMBRANCE on your behalf. God indeed is the reason for your THROWBACK.
Stay blessed.

The Ball

images(12) I once made a paper presentation to a group of people, and I spoke about life using a stadium to describe it. I told them of how in a stadium there are three types of people which include the spectators, the commentators and the players. I did a comparison and said in life there are also spectators, they are those people that just exist. They came, they existed, they died! You never hear anything about them. The same way a football match would kick off even without one spectator is the same way life goes on without their impact. The other people are the commentators, these people in life are those that talk about the achievements of others, their voice is heard by all but it makes no impact. Ever heard that saying “empty barrels make the loudest noise”? So many people in life want to get to the top just to be seen and heard but not to make impact. And lastly I spoke about the players. The ones that pull the crowd and give the commentators what to say. Without them the match doesn’t hold. They are the influential people in the society.
When I finished my presentation I asked my audience who they would like to be amongst the three types of people I mentioned, they all chorused “the player” except for one young man who said jokingly “the ball”. I had not even mentioned the ball in my presentation. It did sound weird and funny and we all laughed about it.
But later that day when I returned to my room I asked myself why would anyone want to be the ball. The ball gets all the hit, the kicks, from different sizes of legs n boots, hits the bar several times. And then it dawned on me, as important as the players were, the match wouldn’t kick off without a ball. The moment a player no matter how skillful, talented or blessed begins to run and dribble the air the medic team would rush him and take him for a brain test. The ball indeed is what gets the game going.
When I was much younger whenever I and my siblings were in the mood to play football and didn’t have a ball, we stuffed anything that came our way till we had something in the shape and texture of a ball. We didn’t just run round the compound and kicking the air, we were sane! And whenever we were playing and one of us mistakenly plays the ball into the next compound, its game over. That’s the same way everything pauses when children of God are not in the picture.
With all these in mind I reedited my paper and I concluded there were 4 types of people in life and the last set of people are the ball. You’d be wondering so who are “the ball” since the players are the key people in life. Well, the ball are the children of God. The Bible says we are the light of the world, the salt of the earth. The ball adds flavour to a football match. That’s what every child of God is supposed to do. Make things happen. Every child of God is created for a purpose. Circumstances and situations don’t define you. There’s this saying “things don’t run we, we run things”. And to those thinking girls run the world, newsflash! The children of God run the world! Why else do you think the president of a nation would kneel before a man of God? He’s “The Ball”.
Lastly, the fact that team A wins or loses to team B doesn’t affect the ball. It doesn’t change the size or color of the ball. That’s the same way the happenings around us as children of God don’t change us. Therefore we shouldn’t settle for the standard of the world- Hustle hard, build an empire, get a dope chic, and settle down- No! The highest form of blessing is being a source of blessing. The world waits for the manifestation of the children of God. Start manifesting.
Well ever since that day I decided to be the ball. Without me nothing happens! I am the light of the entire world, the salt of the whole earth. You can call me THE BALL!

The mood of worship

Odunayo 20150406_193023 It’s just awkward to me when I hear Christians today say “let’s be in the mood of worship”. That shouldn’t be our dialect as Christians, we shouldn’t have a particular mood for worship.i.e. church time, worship concerts, 6:00am in the morning and whatever mood time we might have chosen. Now don’t get me wrong, am not saying we shouldn’t attend worship concerts or worship God in the church. But God doesn’t want a part of your life. He asks for all your soul, all your mind and all your strength (Mark12:30).
A simple definition of worship is bringing pleasure to God. Therefore anything you do that brings pleasure to God is worship. Meaning you can worship God by cooking, driving, painting. Not just singing. And that’s where a whole lot of us have gotten it wrong. To many, worship is another synonym for music. You would hear people say “the only session I enjoyed in the service today was the worship”. Wrong! Every session of the service is a worship to God. Even worse, worship today is referred to a particular style of music. If the song is slow, quiet and intimate its worship but if its fast and loud its praise. Worship has nothing to do with the style or volume or speed of a song. Worship is beyond music, music is just a part of worship.
Matt Redman, a worship leader in England, tells how his pastor taught his church the real meaning of worship. To show that worship is more than music, he banned all singing in their services for a period of time while they learned how to worship in other ways. By the end of that time, Matt had written the classic song “Heart of Worship”:

I’ll bring You more than a song,
because the song itself is not what You’ve required.
You search much deeper within
than the way things appear.
You’re looking into my heart.

Or probably we thought when the scriptures said “the hour cometh” we thought it referred to an hour in our busy 24 hour schedule. Anybody can give God one hour out of their 24 hours, but God isn’t content with that. He needs 24/7 worshipers. He isn’t looking for people that have a particular mood to seek Him, He’s looking for people that would seek Him both consciously and unconsciously.
The secret to a lifestyle of worship is doing everything as if you were doing it for Jesus and by carrying on a continuous conversation with Him while you do it. Romans 12:1(MSG) “Take your everyday, ordinary life – your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life – and place it before God as an offering.”
All am saying in essence is our everyday life should bring Glory to Him. Even though sometimes things don’t go the way we want it, maybe your GP doesn’t come out as you expected, still waiting for your appointment letter, or maybe the fact that no food on the table as made you convert that hunger into a fast. We still have to learn to worship Him.
Remember He’s seeking for true worshipers. He would locate you soon!

One step at a time

c32EaR6ke-Ws1lokiLVY8aDdPe1yi45s5KRQWt4NV_F3I0KBOufTY2UMVCFiVo6fY9BL31i-iTHnb12_eZsauKmZy0YMGGSM0YDSYWQM-j4rt-YL1jnJllqAokGsFULUFq4O5Q=w351-h419-nc-1I would never forget these words by my chancellor, Dr David Oyedepo. “Life is in phases, men are in sizes. Live your phase per time”
Can’t imagine a 4yr old driving a car, no matter the amount of cars in his dad’s garage, he isn’t just old enough to wield d steering of a car. Even the Bible records there’s a time for everything (Ecc 3:1).
So many people (myself inclusive) have at some point tried to fast forward time to the moment we become very successful and wealthy.
FYI (for your information). Everyone is destined to be successful. (Jer 29:11). Only that some out of impatience have engaged the devil in a Faustian bargain in a bid to become wealthy. D devil doesn’t make rich (Deut 8:18), he only hastens it and not without some very costly and painful conditions.
In the words of Pastor Victor Oluwadamilare, “The difference between unripe pawpaw and ripe pawpaw is time!”.
Everyone wants to live on the mountain top but all the happiness and growth occurs when you are climbing it. Cherish every moment you have now. You will surely get there!
Remain blessed.
Have fun!

Share a coke

images(11)During the summers of 2013 and 2014 coca cola made a splash when they swapped their famous logo with your name. So you could share a coke with the people who mattered most to you.
Within 6 months of launching, there were 330 million impression on Twitter, with nearly 170,000 tweets from 160,000 fans. With more than 150 million personalized bottles sold.
Today people walk into a mall just to look for their name on a coke bottle, some even pay extra to get their customized bottle on the spot. Even diabetics rush coke today.
But surprisingly out of the millions of impression on Twitter, there was no testimony of anyone who received his sight after taking a bottle of coke, neither was the sick healed or the dead brought back to life.
What am I implying? Coke’s strategy was so wonderful in reaching out to the world at large. But if only Christians would adopt such and SHARE A WORD with somebody today. The word of God has both healing and creative abilities. It won’t just quench your thirst but you are never gonna thirst anymore.
A word is all some people need. A word was what was sent unto Jacob and it lighted upon Israel. (Isaiah 9:8). He also sent His word and healed us and delivered us from our destruction. (Psalms 107:20)
NB: You are the only Christian some people would ever know. Don’t hesitate to #ShareAWord with someone today.
Keep soaring in God’s blessings.


A speed bump is also known as a sleeping policeman in British English. They were made to control vehicle speed and improve safety.
If you are driving a Bugatti or an Aventador on a street without speed bumps where you shouldn’t be speeding. You might end up speeding because of the nature of the vehicles and the absence of the bumps. And you might end up in a case of a hit-and-run. Also if you abuse the speed bumps you could still end up hurting someone or even yourself. You could destroy your tires, suspensions and potentially your entire car.speed-bumps-continuous
As Christians Christ has placed strategic speed bumps in our lives cos even though we are born again and Spirit-filled we still reside in the flesh which remains a flesh. Christ has placed them just so we don’t magnify the flesh over the spirit.
Apostle Paul referred to this speed bumps as “the thorn in his flesh”. According to him it was so he doesn’t exalt himself above measure. He also said he prayed thrice that it might depart from him but all to no avail. Then he concluded that he rejoices in it because only then is God’s grace more available.
Jacob who was also a manipulator and spent his life scheming and running from the consequences was given a speed bump by God. God dislocated his hip (that was his strength, his thigh muscle, the strongest in his body). From that day forward, Jacob walked with a limp so he could never run away again. It forced him to lean on God whether he liked it or not.
Moses also complained to God when God wanted to send him to Egypt. He said he was a stammerer. God could have given him a clear speech, at least the Bible says Isaiah 32:4 that the stammerers shall be ready to speak plainly. Buh God gave him Aaron to help him. God had told Moses He had made him a God over Pharaoh, probably he felt if Moses had an eloquent speech to match the title he might just miss it. That kept Moses more meek. I can imagine Moses addressing the palace and stammering.
Now over to us. God has also placed several speed bumps in our lives. Just so we get to where He wants us to get to.
Using myself as an example. I attended a boys only secondary school (The prestigious King’s College Lagos) maybe God thought I might have been a flirt. I thought so too. I also had plans to attend a federal sch where I wuld be free to do whatever I wanted to, and I knew the plans I had in mind but God thought differently. After several attempts on Jamb I ended up in a Christian University (Landmark University) where my activities were regulated. And finally it was time for NYSC and I tried influencing it so as to have a swell service year. But today am serving in a not so popular community in Niger state. People could have gone through the same things as I went through but no difference. But as for me I realized they were just what I needed.
I understood my speed bumps. You also have speed bumps. It could be your nagging parents, maybe you would have ended up wayward today without them. It could be that dislocation you had when you were only thirteen, and so now you can’t be on that soccer team. Maybe God doesn’t want you to be a footballer. It could be trials here and there. Just know God has put them in place because He loves you.
Joni Eareckson Tada notes, “When life is rosy, we may slide by with knowing about Jesus, with imitating him and quoting him and speaking of Him. But only in suffering will we know Jesus.”
Thank you for reading.
God bless you real good.

God’s love language

obedeince Gods love languageThey say you can give and not love but you can’t love and not give.
It was love that cost God to give His only son. In fact David was an addicted giver, he said he wasn’t going to give to God that which wouldn’t cost him anything. Abraham was something else, after waiting for years for a son, he was ready to sacrifice the same boy cause of love. Solomon topped the list by giving God a thousand burnt offerings and at another point gave God 3000 talents of gold which is equivalent to 576 million dollars and with the new exchange rate, 144 billion naira. Now that’s breathtaking.
But funny enough God didn’t call Abraham or even Solomon “a man after my own heart”, he called David that. And that was because David understood God’s love language.
David understood one thing that meant so much to God was his time. David gave God all of his time. In Psalms 122:1. He was quoted to have said “I was glad when they said let us go to the house of the Lord” at another time he said 7 times daily would I praise thee. He still went further to say “I’d rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of wickedness”. Psalms 55:11 also says “Evening, morning and noon will I pray and sing aloud”
David’s willingness to spend his lifetime in God’s presence earned him his title “A man after God’s own heart”
They usually say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but the way to God’s heart is through your time.
Peradventure you know all the love songs, do you know His love language?
Give God quality time today!
Remain ever blessed