One step at a time

c32EaR6ke-Ws1lokiLVY8aDdPe1yi45s5KRQWt4NV_F3I0KBOufTY2UMVCFiVo6fY9BL31i-iTHnb12_eZsauKmZy0YMGGSM0YDSYWQM-j4rt-YL1jnJllqAokGsFULUFq4O5Q=w351-h419-nc-1I would never forget these words by my chancellor, Dr David Oyedepo. “Life is in phases, men are in sizes. Live your phase per time”
Can’t imagine a 4yr old driving a car, no matter the amount of cars in his dad’s garage, he isn’t just old enough to wield d steering of a car. Even the Bible records there’s a time for everything (Ecc 3:1).
So many people (myself inclusive) have at some point tried to fast forward time to the moment we become very successful and wealthy.
FYI (for your information). Everyone is destined to be successful. (Jer 29:11). Only that some out of impatience have engaged the devil in a Faustian bargain in a bid to become wealthy. D devil doesn’t make rich (Deut 8:18), he only hastens it and not without some very costly and painful conditions.
In the words of Pastor Victor Oluwadamilare, “The difference between unripe pawpaw and ripe pawpaw is time!”.
Everyone wants to live on the mountain top but all the happiness and growth occurs when you are climbing it. Cherish every moment you have now. You will surely get there!
Remain blessed.
Have fun!


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