The Ball

images(12) I once made a paper presentation to a group of people, and I spoke about life using a stadium to describe it. I told them of how in a stadium there are three types of people which include the spectators, the commentators and the players. I did a comparison and said in life there are also spectators, they are those people that just exist. They came, they existed, they died! You never hear anything about them. The same way a football match would kick off even without one spectator is the same way life goes on without their impact. The other people are the commentators, these people in life are those that talk about the achievements of others, their voice is heard by all but it makes no impact. Ever heard that saying “empty barrels make the loudest noise”? So many people in life want to get to the top just to be seen and heard but not to make impact. And lastly I spoke about the players. The ones that pull the crowd and give the commentators what to say. Without them the match doesn’t hold. They are the influential people in the society.
When I finished my presentation I asked my audience who they would like to be amongst the three types of people I mentioned, they all chorused “the player” except for one young man who said jokingly “the ball”. I had not even mentioned the ball in my presentation. It did sound weird and funny and we all laughed about it.
But later that day when I returned to my room I asked myself why would anyone want to be the ball. The ball gets all the hit, the kicks, from different sizes of legs n boots, hits the bar several times. And then it dawned on me, as important as the players were, the match wouldn’t kick off without a ball. The moment a player no matter how skillful, talented or blessed begins to run and dribble the air the medic team would rush him and take him for a brain test. The ball indeed is what gets the game going.
When I was much younger whenever I and my siblings were in the mood to play football and didn’t have a ball, we stuffed anything that came our way till we had something in the shape and texture of a ball. We didn’t just run round the compound and kicking the air, we were sane! And whenever we were playing and one of us mistakenly plays the ball into the next compound, its game over. That’s the same way everything pauses when children of God are not in the picture.
With all these in mind I reedited my paper and I concluded there were 4 types of people in life and the last set of people are the ball. You’d be wondering so who are “the ball” since the players are the key people in life. Well, the ball are the children of God. The Bible says we are the light of the world, the salt of the earth. The ball adds flavour to a football match. That’s what every child of God is supposed to do. Make things happen. Every child of God is created for a purpose. Circumstances and situations don’t define you. There’s this saying “things don’t run we, we run things”. And to those thinking girls run the world, newsflash! The children of God run the world! Why else do you think the president of a nation would kneel before a man of God? He’s “The Ball”.
Lastly, the fact that team A wins or loses to team B doesn’t affect the ball. It doesn’t change the size or color of the ball. That’s the same way the happenings around us as children of God don’t change us. Therefore we shouldn’t settle for the standard of the world- Hustle hard, build an empire, get a dope chic, and settle down- No! The highest form of blessing is being a source of blessing. The world waits for the manifestation of the children of God. Start manifesting.
Well ever since that day I decided to be the ball. Without me nothing happens! I am the light of the entire world, the salt of the whole earth. You can call me THE BALL!


10 thoughts on “The Ball

  1. Lovely write up. Throughout the time I was reading it, it never occurred to me that someone could be the ball. I’m the ball… As a child of God. Thanks for changing my perspective.

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  2. I love, love, love this. As soon as you mentioned the ball, my mind went to Matt 5:14. Interestingly, I was going to record a vlog about something very similar today, but I didn’t get to it.

    You’re very correct, we Christians run things or at least that’s what it’s supposed to be. I don’t think we realise how much we’ve got inside of us. So much power, so much anointing. The Spirit of God resides inside of us!!! That’s huge.

    I was reading Ephesians today and I had to highlight Eph 1:20-22 and Eph 2:6. Anyway, I’ll stop now, this is becoming a post in itself…lol

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