Throwback Thursday

images(17)As you read this post so many pictures are been uploaded on Instagram, Twitter and several other social medias with the hashtag #ThrowbackThursday or #TBT. I feel it’s just a wonderful thing to change levels and be able to upload it. I think it just makes us know we aren’t “God” (The unchangeable changer). But we change and no one grows younger like “Benjamin Burton”, We grow older. And the fact that you can post a picture of you when you were celebrating your 10th year birthday or maybe your graduation from primary school or even a family outing when you were much younger is just cool by me. It brings back good memories.
But really what’s the motive behind these posts. Is it to get likes on Instagram? Is it to get attention? Or probably make a mockery of someone? Well I for one don’t mind the likes on Instagram cause why on earth did I post the picture there in the first place. I just feel we should have a new mindset towards our #TBT and that’s THANKSGIVING!
Someone once said, “you might not be where you want to be but you are definitely not where you used to be”. And I think that’s what our throwback pictures are shouting out loud. Today you see some throwback pictures and you can’t but thank God for the person’s life. Now that aside, do we ever look at these pictures and say thank you Jesus! It has been you all through!
You posted a picture of your 10th year birthday party and you would be clocking 25 this year, and yet you feel God doesn’t deserve the praise? And someone right now is saying I don’t even have pictures to post. That’s ok, you sure are reading this post by yourself, there was a time it took your kindergarten teacher to cane you to understand the alphabets. God has been good.
So don’t just post that picture with the #TBT hashtag but add something like #ThankYouJesus #GodHasBeenGood #FaithfulGod. etc. Just so you know it could have been a REMEMBRANCE on your behalf. God indeed is the reason for your THROWBACK.
Stay blessed.


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