Who are you?

Screenshot_2015-09-12-13-27-10-1With the growing rate of insecurity in the nation today, security personnels are being deployed daily into our streets in order to curb this menace. That guy driving through your street every evening, or the one that wears those very funny shades with the “Ralph Laurent” shirt might just be keeping surveillance on your area.
The other time I was coming back from an outing with a friend and we were stopped by these two dudes, one in suits and the other in jeans and shirt. After greeting us and showing us their police ID card asked “so who are you?” (See me see wahala o! See jamb question…. Am a goat sir, or can’t you see that my friend has a tail, he’s a monkey). But as silly as their question sounded there was no way on earth I would have bailed out on them without answering them. I was telling myself that, all because I wasn’t in the company of bodyguards or an escort, I was susceptible to all kinds of questions. After all the description of myself, my address, my shoe size (kidding) and all. They said “can you pls identify yourself?” Since I wasn’t in anyway related to President Buhari or Ambode (Lagos state governor). I had to show an ID card to prove who I was, that was the only way out of further interrogation.
The question of identity cannot be overemphasized. Your identity is who you are. I remember back then in school when we were compelled to hang our ID cards on our necks everywhere except the toilet and bathroom. As long as you are a student, just rock it!
And as much as we need to identify ourselves every now and then in life, we also need to identify ourselves in the spiritual realm. Am guessing movies have made us think demons are like zombies with sagging mouths or just spirits. But guess what? They talk, they have sense. They know who to toy with. Some actually asked a group of boys who tried confronting them in the Bible. “Who are you?”(Acts19:15).
They were quoted to have said “Jesus we know, Paul we know, but who are you?” And since the boys didn’t have an identity you can guess what happened next.
Friends its not enough to have your national identity card, your passport, or to be MD, President, or even General overseer, Pastor-In-Charge etc. Like Dr. David Oyedepo would say, “there’s no entitlement in titles”. You might have titles in the physical realm, have you got one in the spiritual realm?
A converted Christian once told of how the demons addressed Pastor Enoch Adeboye as a ruthless General in the spiritual realm, depopulating the kingdom of hell in its number. You might see him as the meekest or humblest person you know, but the demons sure know and respect him.
When a president is heading somewhere in his convoy, no police or army dares stop him till he reaches his destination. That’s the same with the children of God. They are unstoppable, they have got legions of angels accompanying them. Remember the Bible says we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Without an identity or knowledge of who you are you would continually be a victim of harassments from principalities and powers.
Its high time the devil knew your name. Rephrasing the question of those demons to the seven sons of Sceva, “Jesus I know, Bito I know, but who are you?”


7 thoughts on “Who are you?

  1. Yomi I know….this is deep…it takes more than jus bin a christain…a christain witout power is lik a servant… So their are realm in spirit and each person is personally responsible for their growth

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  2. Thanks Taiwo, and yes Daniel, consistency is d key. Remember where the Bible says when a man is cleaned of demons and doesn’t do anything to grow, the demon not only comes back butbut brings more. And yes Mspence, servant is mouth less o. You gotta be the boss. So people let’s keep the fire burning. Tanks for reading too.


  3. Hello Bito! God bless you for this word! The devil is all out to destroy….that’s why we (Christians) must also go all out to show forth who we are in Christ in our thoughts, actions and deeds.

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