Milk that cow!

Screenshot_2015-09-14-14-37-06-1The difference between two people as far as am concerned is not their height, stature, color, hair do, age, sex or whatever other measure of comparison. As far as am concerned, it’s their MINDSET, the way they think.
What makes an excellent marketer is not the way he/she dresses or the English he/she speaks, but the fact that he is able to get into your mind and manipulate you into not just liking his product but buying it. You might have gotten home before you realize you bought a dozen of the product you have thought you weren’t going to buy. Hypnotists and illusionists also work with the mind, they have no control over your will or emotion till you allow them into your mind, and boom! They got you. No wonder the Bible says to guard your heart with all diligence.
Now to my cow story. A dying farmer wills his two cows to his two sons, and after his death the first son nagged and nagged. Not seeing anything good in his cow, he calls his friends over and they slaughter the cow. After a mini party, in no time “cow meat” was exhausted. But the other son who thought differently didn’t kill his cow. Instead he fed and milked it till he could use the proceeds to get a bull. And in no time the diary farmer had a herd of cattle.
Now that’s a big difference between these two sons, and the difference is that while one had a narrow and shallow thinking, the other had a futuristic mindset. That you have a million naira in your bank account doesn’t make you rich, what you do with the money would determine that. And the fact that you have one hundred naira doesn’t make you poor. You either see your cow as meat or seed.
Now a lot of us have complained at some point in our lives. That pocket money is just too small, that salary won’t even reach the middle of the month (I nagged about my NYSC allowance too at some point). But fact is it takes a positive mindset to gain positive results. You might not even have a dime, why not volunteer somewhere or do some chores for someone. We are all gifted at doing a particular thing at least. Opportunity they say come in disguise as hard work. Nothing good is going to come out of lying on that bed all day.
“So how long are you going to laze around doing nothing? How long before you get out of bed? A nap here, a nap there, a day off here, a day off there, sit back, take it easy – do you know what comes next? Just this: You can look forward to a dirt-poor life, poverty your permanent houseguest” Proverbs 6:9-11(MSG).
Friends stop waiting on the promises of your government (corpers stop waiting for 49,800 naira). Or even your parents. A successful tomorrow starts with a positive mindset, but a positive mindset not backed up with action is a mere wish.
Take this to heart, “there are no poor people in the world, only poor minds”. Today don’t eat your cow, milk your cow.
Remain blessed!


5 thoughts on “Milk that cow!

  1. I love this write up, I wish some people out there will read this today and change there mindsets and start up anything small. Nothing good comes easy u must work for every single swelt. To en a living love this it a platform to encourage other to seat up

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  2. Living now for the future is to be productive in the little you have now.. I pray God open our eyes of understanding to embrace wisdom instead of folly & selfishness that has taken over this generation..


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