Opposition at the door

Screenshot_2015-09-22-14-54-27-1Let’s assume you are given an invitation card from the president to pay him a courtesy visit, not withstanding the invitation card you would still pass through so many checkpoints, encounter several soldiers and screenings. And the moment you fail to speak up and provide your evidence of invitation you would soon be on your way back home. The fact the president has invited you doesn’t give you the audacity to walk through the security. Their job is to screen everyone that’s going to access the president. That’s called protocol!
Paul was speaking in 1Corinthians 16:9, “A great door is opened before me but there are many adversaries”. Now I strongly doubt Paul was referring to physical doors, gates or even access to presidential villas. Every positive change you encounter is a door. Possibly you are a crooner of a leg-gedis benz, you can hang on anything from danfo to molue to pure water trucks to get to your destination and suddenly a car comes. Change of levels. The Bible says every good and pleasant gift comes from God, so its obvious the devil didn’t give you that. And since its his joy to see you trek, it would be his joy to see to the end of either you or that vehicle.
Times without number I’ve heard about young men who bought bikes to start the okada business, and on that evening while showing off their bikes they are involved in a very small accident that cost their lives. Why else do you think a boy would be expelled from school in final year due to one very careless act? The enemies at the door! When you become the first graduate in your lineage, you think you have landed, if you aren’t careful you will land flat on the floor.
The world we live in today is a very cruel and wicked one. Infact I would say the world has no teeth, it doesn’t smile. Today someone gets a new job, a new home, a new car or even gets admitted into the university and the next week you hear of their obituary. You think it was just an accident? Enemies at the door!
“I feel” this is partly a reason why some christians remain the way they are. God knows you aren’t capable of handling that change, and instead of giving you what would bring your downfall he withholds it from you till you are fit enough. All a child knows is gimme! gimme!!, always asking for everything, but the father knows just what to give him and what to withhold from him. But the moment he matures into a son and asks, at that moment he gets what he asks. As Christians we should buckle up our prayer life and grow.
Friends, its not about wishing that breakthrough, that new job or admission. But pressing into it. Its not about wanting to have that car so you can oppress your folks, just so you know, the devil is the king of oppression and you are definitely no match for him.
Remember every good and pleasant gift comes from God but He won’t give it to children but sons. For every new level there’s a new devil, that’s just protocol! So daily you have to grow to ward of the opposition at the door. Remain ever blessed.


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