Is God sick?

Screenshot_2015-10-19-12-26-47-1The other day I was having a chat with a coursemate and we were talking about the issue of forgive and forget. Then he said as far as he is concerned he just can never forget a wrong someone does to him even after he might have claimed to forgive such fellow. He in fact he said no one can forget except they want to lie. And then he crossed his border without permission and said even God never forgets, that as much as we asks for forgiveness and think we have been forgiven, God would never forget. I asked him why and he said if we humans find it hard to forget, how much more the creator of the universe. And then he asked “is God sick? Or does he have amnesia?” I did stand up for God and this is what I had to say….
When we were much younger we learnt ABC, as much as we can’t remember our teacher’s face in kindergarten, we find it hard to forget our ABC. Its stuck in our heads, our brains have the capacity to store whatever we learn. Someone might have wronged you ten or twenty years ago and you might have forgiven and even forgotten but your beautiful brain might bring it up suddenly or you might be involved in anything that brings the memory back. So I quite agreed with this course mate of mine about people not forgetting after having forgiven someone. But left to me, the choice you make when this memory comes back is what proves whether you indeed forgave the person in the first place.
In response to his question, is God sick? No, not at all. Impossible! God can’t be sick, our healer can’t be sick. And yes He does forgive and forget. There’s this story I heard of a young Christian who wondered how his bishop could live a life without sin, and so he went to God in prayers and asked what the last sin of his bishop was. God’s response took him aback. “I can’t remember son” shocked, he asked why and God told him, “the moment your bishop did anything wrong he immediately asked for forgiveness and I didn’t hold it back from him”. The young man left his prayer room that day with a new understanding of forgiveness.
So friends, God forgives and forgets. He doesn’t or wouldn’t remind you of your list of sins like you think. Check out what he says in Jeremiah 31:34. For I will forgive their iniquity and I will remember their sins no more. Numbers 23:19 also says “God is not a man that He should lie”. If he has said He would remember your sins no more, he won’t.
Today there are a whole lot of people out there living in the past, living in unforgiveness, living in sin all because they feel God can’t forgive their sins not to talk of forgetting. Paul was a chronic sinner, he did the things he didn’t want to do. But he applied grace, he was the greatest of the apostles. Don’t let the devil deceive you, the moment you ask for forgiveness God forgives, forgetting is an added bonus. You don’t ask Him to forget, that one He does automatically. He hates sin, you don’t expect Him to keep the thoughts of your sin.
God remembers a whole lot of things, like He remembered the children of Israel in the land of captivity. The Bible also says He doesn’t forget our labour of love. Etc. And don’t you ever think your sin is too big, sin is sin. He is not after the contents of your sin, just ask for mercy like the thief on the cross. Christ never condemned him or asked what he did, he forgave him, forgot his sin but remembered him in paradise. Your case can’t be different. He’s the same yesterday, today and for ever. Remember He said come boldly to the throne of grace. A lot of people need to know Christ died for their sins thousands of years ago. They are already forgiven. Spread the word!


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