20151124_155810So I wore this T-shirt with “drumstick” written on it. My younger brother who is a very good drummer came out and on seeing me craved for the shirt. He was telling me “imagine me wearing this shirt n drumming”. Not long after I asked a friend what came to mind when he saw my shirt and he was licking his lips. Wondering why he said so, I was like don’t even ask for the shirt too o. But he said not that, that he was craving for a drumstick, he has never drummed before and I was wondering if my shirt inspired him, only to realize he was talking about chicken legs. Chicken legs are also called drumsticks. And immediately it dawned on me one saw my shirt and saw sticks for drumming while another saw chicken legs.
From that I could deduce;
1. No two people think the same way.
2. There are several solutions to A problem. An African proverbs says “Not one road leads to a market”.
3. Because you don’t do the same thing Zig Ziglar does doesn’t make you a failed person.
4. Everyone is entitled to his own opinion.
5. It takes boldness and speaking out to be you.

What am saying in essence is, stop trying to be like everyone. Because everyone is doing it a particular way doesn’t make it your way. If you live on the Island and I stay on the mainland, me trying to take same route as you to the airport on the mainland would be disturbing as there is a designated route which is faster and shorter from the mainland. A whole lot of people are still stagnated and haven’t made progress in life and keep blaming situations and circumstances neglecting they are the architect of their own misfortune. They keep trying to be like others.
Maybe you’re good at sewing and you keep trying to be like that musician you adore so much. Did you ever think if that person was a designer he or she wouldn’t get that far? He was designed in that way and so are you. From today be yourself. Do what only you can do and you will get to the top. Dr David Oyedepo defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. You have to change your output to change your input. You are wired for success, yes you! No two people in the whole world have same fingerprints. Now that makes you know how uniquely different you are. Be it a chicken lap or a stick for drumming, you are right.
Remember God said I know the plans I think towards you(singular). He has plans for you personally. It all starts with believing in yourself and taking a bold step. I just know it, when you operate in your zone, not your friend zone or celebrity zone, the sky is your starting point.


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