Whose fault?

The other day I sat pondering
And as I crossed my hands I kept wondering
Why would an innocent child
So gentle and mild
Be born into a poor family
And another into a wealthy family
The disciples were also confused
Even when Jesus was not a bit amused
In a bit to know who sinned, they pondered
Why would a man be born blind, they wondered
How about Isaac’s son Esau
The one covered head to toe with fur
Even long before he was born
He was the preferred son
Or talk about the cursed innocent fig tree
Which withered at a single decree
For crying out loud it wasn’t in its season
But at that moment that wasn’t a tangible reason
That victim of child molestation
A product of caesarian operation
Which rendered her motherless at birth
And now she wished for nothing other than death
That time your daughter fell sick
And after several attempts God didn’t pick
Even when He had said call and I will answer
Now her demise has left you with a scar
Just last week you were on your way
To the church not to play but pray
And your way back you got mobbed
And in a split second you had been robbed
I could go on and on
But I would never be done
Looking at all these you would realize
That as much as you try to analyze
The one who is more than able
Still remains the unquestionable
For we know that all things work together
Notwithstanding the current weather
For the common good
Of those who even lack food
As long as you love God
And take Him as your Lord

Romans 8:28 kjv


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