During my university days when we had our chapel services, it was an offence for a student to slouch on the chair. But rebellion wasn’t far from the hearts of youths, hence the students violated this simple order. In order to stop students from slouching, the ushers had to walk through the aisles during the services to correct them and I happened to be an usher myself.

One bright Sunday morning as the chaplain was dishing out God’s word I was walking through a particular aisle assigned to me and saw a 200 level student slouching. I was about to engage the power vested in me and ask her to rearrange herself or face the music. Just then I sighted she was wearing a ‘WWJD?’ bracelet and it immediately ministered to me and rather than act like I would, I rearranged my thoughts and actions and tapped her with a smile. She looked at me with a straight face and I simply pointed at her wrist. She looked at it, smiled and sat up. That was it! Mission accomplished!! I never said a word to her. Her bracelet had said everything. Four powerful letters was all it took (well with a question mark).WWJD

Those letters have ministered to me over the years. On several occasions like where I was faced with a raging bus conductor, turned down job contracts, zero bank account balance, power outage when I had to iron my Sunday clothes, years where I had to write JAMB like it was a professional exam and so many other times. I would simply ask myself WHAT WOULD JESUS DO? And my answer was no farther from me than the air I breathe.

Sadly enough, a lot of Christians today would bastardize the acronym and back up their silliness with scriptures that don’t support their faithless arguments. The other day a brother was very angry and was saying things he shouldn’t, I tried to calm him and was like “Calm down Bro, What Would Jesus Do?” His reply wasn’t farfetched. “Don’t tell me that, even Jesus got angry and if He were to be in my shoes He would have done worse”. Yes Jesus got angry but THE ZEAL OF HIS FATHER’S HOUSE HAD EATEN HIM UP. His actions were justified and not just that but also glorified His Father. How many Christians would see things going wrong in the church and get angry? Rather they would get angry at things that aren’t worth them squeezing their facial muscles and darkening their hearts.

Jesus Christ is our role model. The disciples were called Christians because they were Christ-like. If you claim to be a Christian then you ought to be Christ-like copying Christ’s example. Rather than condemn or gossip about someone Christ would put Himself in the person’s shoes before acting. That way He would give a fair judgement. Rather than pity the poor and hungry don’t you think Christ would feed them? Instead of complaining over the little resources at hand Christ would rather thank God and see a multiplication.

There are so many things you would be doing rightly today if you just stopped and ask yourself WWJD? before taking any baseless decision. As you have read this post, I pose the question to you, WHAT WOULD JESUS DO If He were to be in your shoes?


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