A basketball in my hand would probably make me score 3 points. But in the hands of Michael Jordan made him a NBA star.
A pen in my hand would aid copying notes. But in the hands of Shakespeare made him a celebrated author.
A paint brush in the hand of a little girl would score her marks in class. But in the hands of Leonardo Da Vinci made him an artist of all time.
5 loaves and 2 Fish in the hand of a small boy was lunch. But in the hands of Jesus fed 5000.
A catapult in the hand of a farmer would kill a few prey animals. But in the hands of David killed Goliath.
A rod in the hand of a Fulani boy would lead cows. But in the hands of Moses parted the red sea.
A fruit in my hand would aid digestion. But in the hands of Eve changed the course of humanity.

11263068_907851519272464_3118457567072343818_oIn Exodus 4:2, God asked Moses “what is that in thine hand?”. Moses replied saying “Just a rod”. But “just a rod” turned into a serpent, parted the red sea, brought water out of a rock and even budded without having roots.
Like meek Moses some of us are ignorant of what God has placed in our hands. Others find it very difficult to be positive and let circumstances and situation define them.

David used what was in his hands to kill Goliath, even when he was provided with the best arsenal by the king. He used what he was used to. The moment you decide to use what is in another person’s hand, you would have missed it.

At some point a widow was about to give out her sons to pay a debt. She neglected the bottle of oil in her hands till the prophet asked her to get several empty jars and fill them up with the oil in that single bottle. She did till every empty jars were filled with oil.

The Bible says God would always bless what is in your hands. Whatever talent you have is supposed to profit you and those around you.

The key to your success, joy, happiness, liberty etc. is in your hands. No one can determine these things for you but you. You are responsible for the outcome of your life.


Ask yourself one more time. What has God placed in my hands?



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