I remember vividly even if it sounds weird, when I was a little child and I was the richest man in the world, at the same time was batman, superman, the flash and undertaker. Same I was a father to two kids my age. All these didn’t change the fact that I was a child. Those times I had faith to move mountain kilimanjaro and dry up the red sea at the same time. I operated in another economy entirely different from the one the man on the TV operated in because his predictions or “breaking news” never affected my meals or lunch money. I had the heart of a saint, nothing you did ever got to me, I simply saw you as “childish” and almost forgave you instantly especially when you brought me a treat of sweets and chocolates. My faith was so strong that I prophesied light on my way back from school so I could watch cartoons and I did watch them, I remember having so much trust in my mum that whenever she wanted to go out and I asked to follow her and she says “go wear your slippers, I would be waiting” whenever I got back, she was nowhere to be found, and that always worked on me.-font-b-Baby-b-font-Clothes-2016-Newborn-Romper-font-b-Baby-b-font-Boy.jpg

Well so many other things happened in my childhood which I bet you can relate to. But suddenly things changed, adulthood happened. I was now “mature”, I took offence in a lot of things no matter how small, I started operating in the economy of the man on the TV, I began to have fears, and I was no longer a super hero. I feared I might not be the richest man in my street let alone the richest man in the world. Everything just changed, WORRY took over. I just became a worry-ior worrying over the tiniest like food (seriously?).

And then again, everything turned around. I came in contact with Matthew 18:3, wasn’t like it was the first time, but I encountered it on a different light. What does it say? Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Now did you notice the part of becoming as a little child? It isn’t just entering the Kingdom of God. It was everything. Because every day of our lives is a preparation for entering God’s kingdom, and you never see children worry, keep malice, vaunt themselves or do a whole lot of stuffs adults do.


Now do the test yourself, how have you reacted to situations like when the bus broke down halfway into your journey and the driver wouldn’t even refund half of your fare or be sorry? How about after leaving school for three years and no job, and your friends seem to be doing fine? When the newspapers carry news of recession, are you once again operating in their economy? When these things happen. I simply remember, I’m a child and my father is the way maker, the miracle worker, the all-sufficient God, the all-knowing God. And then I remain calm and rest assured that He’s got me.

On a serious note, I would have encouraged you to keep worrying, but trust me have tried it and it worked nothing. Instead it drained me of the remaining strength I had, made me lose friends, took my faith and hope away from God, made me feel I was finished. But then I remembered for God to be my author and finisher, He had to have something in between the lines for me. Because He said he had good plans for me. (Jeremiah 29:11).


Despite whatever I was going through, God gave me the idea of this blog to reach out to people who were going through a lot too. And am sure He has reached out to a whole lot of people all around the world. Bitotalks is a year old today and I and the Godhead want to say a big thank you to all our readers all over the world. Thanks for logging into our page, thanks for reading, thanks for sharing. And to everyone who has made any contribution one way or the other, we love you. Looking forward to a more glorious year. Remain ever blessed!


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