Everything sure has its root in The BIBLE. Tag team wresting like I posted sometimes back, the flash (Elijah ran ahead of the chariot of the king), the incredible hulk (who else fits that description other than Samson?), and the 2006 American epic fantasy war film , 300.

Yes the first 300 men to go to war against an army of soldiers were Gideon and his men. Judges 6-8

Now the children of Israel erred, and for 7 years suffered oppression in the hands of the Midianites. It was so bad that the Israelites hid themselves in caves and forts which they dug out of mountains.

But God the director was always on set on His director seat. And it was time for another blockbuster to be released.


And this time His script was from an inspiring novel written by Him, the Bible in 1 Corinthians 1:25-29, where it is written that He has chosen the weak things of this world to confound the things which are mighty; the base things of this world, things that are despised and are not, to bring to nought the things that are.

Yes, it was time for the Israelites to win the war and God decides to go to a ‘nobody’, one who was least in his family and whose family was the smallest in their tribe. God signs him up to be the star in this blockbuster. He was so much of a doubter that he asked God to prove Himself on so many occasions and God didn’t hesitate, because He knew He went to the streets to get this act and He was also ready to refine him.

So God tells him he’s going to be the deliverer of Israel, but like you and I, he doubted because the enemy they were up against were countless, and the army of Israel were very countable.

God asks him to summon his men, he did and they numbered 32,000. But God’s script read 300 so He asked Gideon to tell the soldiers who weren’t willing to risk their life in this thriller to step aside and out of 32,000, a whopping 22,000 left remaining 10,000 men. That was quite embarrassing and getting very unrealistic, but God wasn’t still satisfied, He had to follow the script in the novel. And so He makes Gideon put them through another test where the final crew would be selected.

This time God asked him to take them to the stream to drink and whoever went on their knees to drink focusing on the water was out, while whoever stood and drank from their palms were in. He needed people that were ready for war, he needed men of war, not people that were too tired and distracted and this time another 9,700 were out remaining the final 300.


I can imagine the 31,700 that left already mocking them and thanking God they were out, cos how were 300 supposed to fight thousands of men. But little did they know that they cut themselves out of history and their input wasn’t even relevant here, they just needed to be available.

And again God’s wisdom which looks foolish in the sight of men was at work. God ordered Gideon to put torches in an empty pot and hand it over to the soldiers alongside a trumpet. At that moment it could be tagged a suicide mission, going to war without the weapons of war they were used to, but come to think of it, 300 against 30000 was already suicidal in the first place.

Well, they took what they had, surrounded, the camp of the Midianites, smashed the pots, and blew their trumpets according as God had instructed. And God placed fear in the camp of the Midianites that they helped kill each other, the ones that escaped were chased down. And in the pursuit of these men, the Bible records that Gideon and his men were exhausted but kept pursuing (Judges 8:4). How was it possible to be exhausted and keep pursuing, remember they were just being used by God? So He energised them for the pursuit. They were only acting a script.

And that was how God used 300 men to bring down a whole army of oppressors. The bible records that after that time there was peace for 40 straight years, no one dared try the ‘300’ valiant soldiers.

In life when the battle looks tough and it seems like all God is doing is telling you to move on, it might look like He’s setting you up to be killed, when in fact He’s setting you up for the kill. You ever heard that phrase, “one with God is a majority”? He used 300 to silence 300,000, don’t look at your number. Remember one would chase a thousand. (Joshua 23:10)

Also many a times we seem to be in charge, want to act out a script we didn’t write. Why not relax and let the director do his job. You be an actor and play along as he instructs.


It doesn’t matter how impossible it looks, how not feasible according to the world’s standards. But remember that the foolishness of God is wiser than men. Stick to Him. He’s going to release another blockbuster with your testimony.

And so that was where 300 originated from.


6 thoughts on “300

  1. The bible indeed is a Novel
    “This time God asked him to take them to
    the stream to drink and whoever went on
    their knees to drink focusing on the water
    was out, while whoever stood and drank
    from their palms were in.”

    Hmm….I wouldn’t have be selected if was there.. Cuz I kneel attimes when sweeping talkless of drinking from the stream..na wa oo.. His ways are not the ways of men sha.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow! The title ‘300’ by the writer& how he took me through the whole scriptures again,is amazing, is revealing & quite uplifting. God bless you, more inspiration from the throne.

    Liked by 1 person

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