The name King Solomon would always ring a bell. Amongst Christians and Muslims, rich and poor, young and old.

King Solomon is known to be the fabulously wealthy and wise king of Israel. He was so wealthy that the Bible records he made silver and gold at Jerusalem as plenteous as stones. (I Kings 10:27)


During this period of Israel’s history, Solomon’s income was 666 talents of gold per annum or about 600,000 troy ounces, worth $300 million today.

King Solomon exceeded all the kings of the earth in riches and wisdom (II Kings 10:23). The splendor of Solomon’s kingdom brought him recognition and fame that attracted much foreign attention. For example, during her visit “to test Solomon with hard questions” the Queen of Sheba brought Solomon 120 talents of gold, ($54,000,000), “and a very great store of spices and precious stones,” (I Kings 10; II Chronicles 9).

Throughout his reign as King of Israel, he never fought a war.  What a king! Many said because of his hundreds of spouses no tribe went to war with him because he married from every tribe.


King Solomon was a man of influence and affluence. The Bible records that Solomon never said NO to himself. Everything he wanted, he had. He never lacked a thing!

With all these King Solomon made a striking remark about his life and wealth.

Vanity of vanities,” says the Preacher, “Vanity of vanities! All is vanity.

What would make such a man make such remark? For crying out loud, he had all he ever wanted.

But that’s what he’s saying, all the wealth he ever amassed, all the fame, all the wisdom, everything amounts to nothing. It’s meaningless!

What are those things that have been the driving force of your life? What do you live for? What are you hustling for? Is it the paper chase? The degrees? Or is it the cars and houses? Foreign accounts and trips? You name it.

Research has it that even though people know the time they go to bed, no one ever knows the minute he sleeps off.

I also learnt you can’t wear two pairs of shoes together neither can you sleep in two rooms at the same time.

In fact rumour has it that no one has ever driven two cars at once.

So what’s the hustle about?

Peradventure you are as wealthy as can be or broke like there’s no hope, people have been there before.

Maybe you have all the degrees and acquire all the knowledge, Emeritus Solomon calls it vanity!


Maybe your life’s focus has been about the paper chase, about the degrees, about ephemeral things, but not on your life’s purpose. Friend you’re into the vanity business.


Rearrange your focus. Fact is no one is actually remembered for just being wealthy when there’s no impact. King Solomon also said don’t count on being remembered. Ecclesiastes 1:11.

Today we don’t just read about King Solomon in the book of Acts or as a reference. But we read three of his books in the Bible. Proverbs which is his bank of wisdom, in fact people have said the book of Proverbs summarizes the Bible in 31 days. Ecclesiastes which talks about purpose, and Song of Solomon which is about love, the driving force of the universe.

Finally what did King Solomon say? Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God and keep His commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.

Not until you put God first would you begin to walk in purpose. Matthew 6:33.


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