So I’ve being talking and posting about trusting God and making Him number 1. This post is one of those scenarios. You can call it a testimony as its one of those “Fifty shades of Grace” I encountered.

I had this experience while rounding off from the university. It was just weeks to my convocation and like other students, I had plans to look my best. It was no joke, finally I was graduating. And so I purposed in my heart to put on a blue suit. Was kinda broke so couldn’t afford to make my order online even after I had seen the particular one I wanted on Asos.

I came home after we were given a couple of days to go prepare for this pioneering event. The case was not really different at home as money wasn’t forthcoming to get my blue suit. Nevertheless, I kept saying I was going to wear a blue suit. But by then time wasn’t on my side, but like the scripture says. “If God be for us, who can be against us?” So time didn’t bother me anymore.

On this faithful Sunday after church I received a call from one of my mentors who was getting married in about a week’s time, the story was that his best man was unavoidably absent and so he needed me to fill in for him. You must be kidding me. Me! A best man! Actually I had pictured myself with the groom’s friends but not the main man after the groom. I gladly accepted this offer because it looked like a suit was coming into the picture.

Now it gets more interesting. So he asks me if I had a suit I could use, trust my answer was no. He then promised to get me one. I almost threw the phone away in excitement. And then I asked what colour of suit he was putting on since most times the groom and best man put on same colour. He said he was putting on an ash colour suit. And so I jumped to conclusion that I was getting an ash suit too. I almost felt bad again because my blue suit dream that looked possible was beginning to look like a mirage. All the same I was thankful and kept believing God for my blue suit.

And so the set day to buy our suits arrive. On getting to the shop I saw a mannequin just outside the shop wearing a perfect blue suit but all I could do was admire it as I was here to get my ash suit. The sales guy then asks, “so what particular colour are we looking at here?” and the groom to be says “any colour as long as it’s fitted”. I almost thought imagined that out loud, and so I ask him myself, “you mean any colour?” and he said yes. Without hesitation I ask the guy to bring out his best blue suits. After trying on about two and I didn’t get a perfect fit, I then ask him if I could try on the one I saw on my way in. He said yes why not, he even said it was when we were coming that he decided to put the suit on the mannequin for no reason. Trust me He was intentional. I put it on and voila! It was my perfect fit.

So that was how my  blue suit came in a way I never expected. Everything just working together for my good. The real best man was absent. Out of his friends, the groom decides to pick a protégé to be his best man. And for no reason we just wore separate colours. This could only have been the hand of God at work. And so I was best man when I never expected it, and I also wore my blue suit for convocation.


Those of you that know this suit now know the history…lol



When God says take no thought for tomorrow, He means it. When He says you should put your trust in Him, He’s saying you should just try Him and see. And when He says the just shall live by faith, He isn’t mincing words. I do hope my little testimony sparks up a glimmer of hope in you and cause you to put your trust in God always even when it looks like things aren’t in your favour.

Always remember HE’S INTENTIONAL, NEVER FAILING and all things are working for your good.


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