So I had to meet an appointment on a Monday morning. And like the usual Monday mornings, a journey from Lagos mainland to Island without traffic would be a miracle.

So before leaving home, like a burglar going to rob a jewellery store I mapped out my strategy to beat the hold up like a normal sharp “Las Gidi” dude. I was going to start my trip with a keke because the buses always stop at almost every bus stop to either drop off or pick new passengers, plus the fact that the buses are always almost tight. But the keke unlike the bus picks only four passengers who most time have same goal with you-to reach a longer destination within the shortest possible time.


And so you aren’t burdened with the fact that you stop at almost every bus stop. But as much as I love the keke, I just kept praying the weather should just remain friendly as possible. Because former experiences were nothing to write home about, neither were the so-called make shift covering the keke drivers provided to shied us when the rain came pouring down.

In no time we were at our bus stop and in other not to be caught up with the traffic, I switched to my next plan. Mounted an okada. The okada is best known for navigating through traffic. okada-21But as much as the okada meanders through it, my safety is in God’s hands. Because most times you would think these okada riders signed a deal of immortality with the Devil with the way they swerved in front of trucks and buses. Sometimes I would have almost held the hands of the okada rider due to the fear of the loss of my limbs or even my life.Okada-accident

Well the okada also has its limitations. The okada isn’t allowed on the third mainland bridge-the link between the island and the mainland. Even the ones on the island aren’t allowed movement in some vicinity. So I ended up boarding the bus I ran away from. Facing the risk of suffocation by women who are blessed with extra fat in their bodies and frequent stops at almost every bus stops.

After carrying out my plan successfully I arrive few minutes to my deadline.

While looking at a plane afar off on my way home, I unconsciously started comparing flying to other modes of transportation. One was up, the other was down. One’s destination isn’t determined by traffic while the other is. One takes a shorter time to get to its destination, while the other takes a longer time. So many contrasting differences.

Even though I never boarded a train on my escapade, which I wouldn’t have even done. Even though the train doesn’t encounter traffic it has a regulated and monitored routine movement. Same old tracks to and fro each day, and the tracks aren’t everywhere making the movement very limited.

And so I thought, we can compare our lives to these means of transportation? Our lives as we all know is a journey as this world isn’t our home. But the means of transportation we choose to take is a choice.

Boarding a bus means we entangle ourselves with people of different beliefs, mind-set and goals. As we are forced to stop everywhere these people stop. And we are also at the risk of getting to our destination late due to traffic and the frequent stops. Bishop Oyedepo once said, When you don’t know where you are going, everywhere looks like it.

Boarding a keke is cool because this people have almost same mind-set with you. The stops aren’t frequent. But when the storms of life come pouring down, can you really shield yourself from it?

Boarding an okada is fast, smooth and very focused because it’s just you and the driver so you have only one destination which is yours. But what happens when an accident occurs. That’s what happens when we want to follow short cuts to make it in life. Little wonder someone said shortcuts cut short. There are no shortcuts to success in life. You also don’t want to imagine when your okada rider is an aboki….

Boarding a train could be a bore, same old tracks every day. These are those who live their lives to routine, not ready to take risks, not willing to let go of their past success, always celebrating the success of their youth even in old age. Someone said life is a ten speed bicycle with gears we never use. Try something new today!

But what could be better than boarding a plane or even a chopper. There’s really no where you can’t get to. You fly above boundaries, above traffic, above seas. You are very comfortable, and as much as the passengers might be on the plane. You are all headed in same direction. You have no business with the pilot as you have confidence that he’s going to get you to your destination. Neither does any other passenger’s business concerns you.

Like in a plane, in life we should rest in the Lord and let Him take us to the destination He’s prepared for us. Remember the scriptures where it is written, For I know the plans I have for you, plans of good not of evil, to give you an expected end. Jeremiah 29:11. Sit back and allow the hostesses (angels) attend to your every need.nintchdbpict000273953556.jpg

Life really is “eazi”. We shouldn’t live our lives with the hustler’s mind set, I’m not saying work isn’t good. But you would recall the bible says It is vain to rise up early and go to bed late and still eat the bread of sorrow: Psalm 127:2. Just when He has provided our daily bread and we refuse to ask for it.

If everyone took a plane there would be more than enough space for everyone to fly. I have never seen a cluster of birds in the air due to lack of space.

Looking out a window of a plane you scarcely see another plane, but while in a bus, there are so many of them around trying to get to various destinations, same for the okadas and kekes.


Bishop Oyedepo once said, those that walk, walk with many, those that run, run with few but those that fly, fly alone. Little wonder very few are making impact.

Not everyone is going where you are going. Even though the people involved are your childhood friends, remember 20 friends can’t play together for 20 years. There’s always a need for a separation at some point. Abraham was so old and didn’t understand the concept of separation, but God had mercy on him and didn’t want him to die as an ordinary man, so God asked him to leave! Not until he separated himself finally from Lot did he excel.

Friends, in this journey of life, you don’t want to take a bus because almost everybody is doing same; that would be following the status quo. Neither do you want to board a keke; you are very prone to storms in life as much as you might feel you are headed towards your destination. Taking an okada is like living on the fast lane without minding the consequences of your actions. And trust me you don’t want to be bored, you don’t want to take a train ride all your life.

So why not just switch to flight mode if you aren’t yet in it! Safe flight!!


Las Gidi- slang name for the city of Lagos

Okada- name for motorcycles in Nigeria

Keke- a three-wheeler


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