I remember growing up in a Nigerian home with typical Nigerian parents. My parents wanted us to be as perfect as possible and be the standard for other children in the neighborhood. Anything short of this was not acceptable. If your grades were poor in school, you would hear something like “do those who came first or second in your class have two heads?” When you ask for lunch too early, you would be reminded of your peers who have to hawk to eat. These experiences are things that most people from Nigerian households can associate with.

The effect is that most of us have grown with that mind set. Even in our adulthood, we still ask ourselves these questions. If we are still job hunting after graduation, we ask if those that have jobs have two heads. When we see our peers driving cars-not minding if it’s theirs or not-and we don’t even own a bicycle, we unconsciously cross check if our head is still complete (like the Yorubas would say). Some of us continue like this because our parents started the fire since childhood, while some do so because they think they must be on the same level with their peers in all ramifications.

We might be age mates but we are definitely not grace mates!

However Apostle Paul admonishes us in 2 Cor10:12 (ISV) we would not dare put ourselves in the same class with, or compare ourselves to, those who recommend themselves. Whenever they measure themselves by their own standards or compare themselves, they show how foolish they are.


Why do you think he would say so?

Let’s go back to the beginning to find out. When God decided to make man, He never said let us make a mould or a model for creating man, nor did he say let’s produce a machine than can produce man in mass production. Rather God created man using Himself as the standard or model for creation.

Man was made in Heaven not in China!

Science has it that no two humans have same fingerprint or even eyeballs. You are unique in your own way and was created just like God. What could be more satisfying than that? If God was into mass production, he wouldn’t have told Jeremiah “before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee…” (Jeremiah 1:5). That sounded very intimate.

If only most parents were wiser then and used Jesus as the standard for their children. The difference would be phenomenal. Rather than saying “does Tunde have two heads?” they would have said “can you imagine Jesus failing that test or exam?” This would have definitely reduced the number of young adults who don’t believe in their abilities and talents.


If you have been caught up in this web. Now you know why you might not really amount to much in life. It’s because you are busy using other humans as your standard for success and growth, and like Paul said, it’s a foolish thing to do. Let’s even say the best student in your department or employee of the year at the firm where you work has two heads literally, that doesn’t stop your shine.

You stay true to yourself and be diligent. Whenever you need a standard to check how far you have gone make Jesus that standard. Remain blessed!



12 thoughts on “TWO HEADS

  1. The only competition we have in life is between our body and mind , not another man..thats why we need to feed our mind with the right things. .I.God bless you..the Lord will continue to use you..Amen

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  2. Awesome once again sir.
    I realize that when we compare ourselves with others, we limit ourselves, thereby limiting the gift and grace of God deposited in us.
    So indeed as d scripture says, its a foolish thing to do. We All Have Our Shine To Shine.
    More power to your elbow bro..

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