Yes, I am guilty as charged.

I wonder how many readers of this blog have asked themselves if I live what I preach. And like Paul too, I pray daily that I would not be a cast away after preaching to people. This becomes very important because the Bible makes us understand that many would be cast away on the last day after they have raised the dead, healed the sick, and did all sorts in God’s name. Isn’t that tragic?

On some days it seems like the Devil reads my blog and uses it as a yardstick to condemn me. He does this to remind me that I actually do not qualify to share the gospel. However, I recollect Christ saying “Go ye into the world”. Meaning He did not send only the perfect to preach the gospel. It is also comforting to know that God doesn’t call the qualified because no one is according to His standards; He qualifies the called. On many occasions, I struggle with this; sometimes I claim my victory through Jesus Christ and on a few occasions I fall victim. Well that doesn’t stop who I am or what I do.

That I write a blog inspired by the Holy Spirit doesn’t mean I’m an angel. Neither does it mean I have it all figured out. I get inspired to write when God is trying to teach me something; because I am sure others would benefit from what I learn. I also learn when I write—writing gives me insights on issues that bother me or that I struggle with. My point? I am not perfect and just like you, I am still a work in progress. Sometimes, I am inspired by actual events or testimonies (as I like to call them). I strongly believe Good News (the Gospel) means God has been good to you and you make it a news to others. I hope we both know that no one can keep calm after truly experiencing God.

And there are those days that I’m really at crossroads—moments when I almost want to doubt and question my own faith. Times I don’t understand what God is doing and just want to question Him. But then I peek at the traffic on my blog and read the feed-backs. I imagine how many lives have been touched and transformed by the posts and immediately, I’m encouraged to keep pushing on.

Fact: I am not perfect! But I strive to live as one whose price has been paid. I usually don’t get all I pray for but I have learnt that though it seems like a tragedy when God does not answer my prayers; in reality, it’s a strategy. God is the great master planner. I have also learnt that having Jesus is what matters most; because He is all I really need.

The same way I have my shortcomings is the same way celebrities have theirs—we are all human. However, fans of celebrities are blinded by what they want to see—the make-up, good clothes, nice cars—that they do not see the celebrities for who they are. Therefore, they try to pattern their lives after their icons. Some go as far as saying “that person doesn’t have Jesus and he’s cool AF”. Sorry to burst your bubble, no matter how rich, cool or caring a person is, without Jesus he or she is broke AF!

Make Jesus your standard; not your Pastor or Bito. You can get nourished, inspired or even blessed by these people but they should never be the standard. Who says you can’t be better? The Bible says “looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith” Heb. 12:2. Unto Jesus not unto any man. They looked unto Him and were lightened; and their faces were not ashamed…. Ps 34:5

I conclude with an example Bishop David Oyedepo once used to preach. He said God told him to look up with one eye and look down with the other eye (I know you are trying it now). He couldn’t; and God told him, “don’t claim to be looking unto me when you are really looking unto men”. Many of us have faith in God but trust in man. Stop!

So friends, I might be guilty but every day I push forward; I do my best to be better than I was yesterday. I believe there are updates daily in the Word of God and in the place of communion with the Father.

Your views and comments have never stopped inspiring me. Keep them coming. I love you all.


4 thoughts on “GUILTY

  1. Hello Bito,
    Thank you so much for the inspiring and spirit-filled articles. I have a testimony I would like to share as regards what your blog has done to and for my life…..

    I’ve been VERY BUOYANT for weeks now. It got to a point my faith was shaky, I began to expect things from people…. but it wasn’t forth coming (Obviously it won’t). And then…. I read some articles online about faith, then your blog became a confirmation of His word that “One cannot claim to trust God and also trust men simultaneously” (paraphrased). And so…. I believed God TOTALLY! On Friday, the alert came in, in an unimaginable way! JOIN ME PRAISE GOD!!!!!

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