Dodo is the name given to plantain in Nigeria. Over the years dodo has come to be loved by a wide variety of people both young and old.

The usefulness of dodo cannot be overemphasized. Unripe dodo is used in a lot of ways, one of which is plantain chips. Ripe dodo can be grilled, roasted, baked or boiled, while overripe dodo can be used to make baby food or dodo Ikire — a famous snack made in Ikire, Osun state. Dodo is also a key ingredient in dishes like gizdodo, egg and plantain frittata. Dodo also collaborates extremely well with beans, groundnut, palm oil sauce, noodles, jollof rice, porridge etc. Dodo can also be dried and grounded to make flour. However, not many people know that dodo can be boiled and blended with water, spices and sugar to make a juice. So if you don’t understand why some people love dodo, now you do.

But the most beautiful part of dodo is that it fruits all year round, making it a reliable all season staple food. So one can easily conclude that both the dodo farmer and seller are hardly at a loss due to the relevance of this produce.

Do you know how many people are grateful to God just because of Dodo? Just imagine the amount of appreciation that goes up to God by dodo lovers. God would be so pleased with dodo and glad He created it! At this point you might be wondering if I have diverted to blogging about food; don’t blame me—I am a lover of dodo and a baker too.

The more facts I knew about dodo; the more surprised I was. But soon, my surprise led to a very important question: am I as relevant as dodo?

Dodo has its uses when under ripe. How relevant am I when I’m still a work-in-progress? How do I react to situations around me? Do I let the fact that things aren’t how I expect them to be at the moment affect me in anyway?

How about when I finally become ripe like dodo. Do I feel like I have arrived and forget my need to be relevant to the world around me? Or do I feel that God is no longer relevant to me and I go on to enjoy my life and flex since I now have all that I need.

Some would see an overripe dodo and not see its usefulness. When things aren’t working out like I planned, do I see what God is taking me through or the fact that fate isn’t on my side? When I go for numerous job interviews and never get called back, or when I wait on God in prayers and fasting but nothing changes. Do I still believe something beautiful could come out of my story?

The Bible says the world is waiting earnestly for my manifestation. Am I preparing to manifest at all? Am I an asset or liability to the world and people around me? Are people giving thanks to God for my existence? The Bible says I should let my light so shine before men that they may see my good works and glorify my Father who is in Heaven. Does my presence make a difference?

Dodo is served with a lot of recipes. Do I love my neighbor as myself or am I a sucker for self-love? Or maybe I just have my clique and would prefer not to mix with others. But Jesus Christ made friends with a lot of people with the mind-set of imparting them. I’m I not supposed to be like Jesus?

No matter the process dodo goes through—steaming, boiling, grilling, baking, frying or even blending—it comes out waiting to be consumed. When I go through diverse challenges and temptations do I still come out victorious?

Not that I would have preferred to have been created as dodo. But I’d love to make a difference like dodo and remain relevant all year round and to the world at large. I want God to be proud of me and glad He created me. I want to make God blush!

So today as I have asked myself these questions, ask yourself too. Are you relevant like dodo?








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