I have seen varieties of epitaphs. Some simple, some very long, some very deep, some shallow, some very beautiful, and so on. Have you ever wondered what would be on your tombstone? Or probably you’ve written yours already. That’s definitely a beautiful thing to do.

So many people die and the only way they are remembered is by the souvenir shared at their funeral, some by the pictures people took with them, some by the children they leave behind, some by unpaid debts and some by their epitaph.

There’s more to life after death than a beautiful epitaph or a well composed eulogy. Someone or people might read a heartfelt eulogy at your funeral, but that is limited to what the person sees on the outside. What’s on your inside? While any of these aren’t bad in themselves, the impact of one’s life cannot be measured by these, neither does it ascertain where a person would spend eternity.

Life is short, I can’t over emphasize that. Because we all know that no matter how long one spends here on earth, it sure going to end one day. When you see Methuselah, you can ask him.

Life is measured on how long you live. In fact, a wise man once said, “life is not duration, it is donation”. What has being your contribution to the earth?

A month to his death, Benson Idahosa of blessed memory called his wife and said “Magaret, I think I have done everything God asked me to do”. Before he died, Idahosa had visited 125 countries preaching the gospel. He died at age 60, what a lot of people would call “gone too soon”. But one major thing was that he died empty. Methuselah died at 969 years, but what history has to say about him was that he begat and begat.

It’s not about making Heaven when you die or when the trumpet sounds. We were created for a purpose, every one of us. What are you doing? Remember the parable of the talents in the Bible, the master never asked the servants what church they attended or where they even invested the talents. He asked them what they did with what He gave them.

Life is about purpose, are you living life with a purpose. Are you going to die empty? Learn to live everyday like each day is your last. Make impact, let your life be a statement.

Remember, if your absence isn’t felt, then your presence wasn’t needed in the first place.


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