Ever heard that saying “what goes online stays online”? Forget the “I deleted it” scam. From as little as people taking screenshots to the server saving it for life.

I remember when a Facebook friend posted some very interesting stuff, I immediately screenshot for record purposes before he/she behaves funny and deletes it. The person deleted it and was saying “I took it down”, see me shaking head in Portuguese sha.

It was aslo so amazingly scary when a friend requested the data Facebook had on him (incase you arent aware, its legit and You can check yours here)

Not one info was missing right from when he opened his account. It was also interesting that Facebook had his call logs and text messages to mention a few.

So when next you want to post your insecurities online think twice, before you go out to soil someone’s image, pause and think.

Also so many at the detriment of being online have put their relationships and their very own life on the line. Pls what concerns your baby bump with social media? Biko give birth to your baby in peace. Don’t forget we are Africans sha, I won’t say more than that.

We even find it difficult to spend quality time with ourselves. We’d rather just chat to know WhatsApp with each other, we don’t even gather around to have our discussions, we would just do that on a group chat. Even mummy will chat you up to bring water from the kitchen.


I actually find it funny when people meet online to pray. I’d rather we just pray individually than say we are praying on a group chat. Someone is probably chatting alongside the prayer meeting or checking her feed on Instagram.
Some of us in the name of being online are no longer security conscious, giving out all our info and location per time. You don’t need a trained assassin to kill some people, they’d help you themselves. Nobody said it was compulsory to put on your location on your phone. Friends, its not just in movies that the government and these agencies have people’s info. It happens in real life too.
Y’all don’t just play too much, you talk too much too.
Social media has become some people’s diary. Saw this funny meme of how some people come online when they eventually blow and start saying mama I made it. Us we she???

Tope Pearse, a friend also said all some people have is a good phone and #200 worth of data so don’t let anyone bamboozle you with any flamboyant lifestyle on IG. You do know some people from their abode in Ipaja Ayobo will take a picture with their neighbor’s car and still change the location to Victoria Island. Its amazing some people will use their money to subscribe, go online, check people’s pages and let depression catch them. O ma se o.

Some people live for the gram. They need validation from social media.
The next time you want to ask IG about your look, why not ask your roomie or your sibling.
You know its ok to go offline once in a while yh? Take periodic breaks, go offline, listen to a radio station, do something you haven’t done in ages.
Even though everyone seems to be online ry now, only a few would read this. We don’t come online to educate ourselves, rather we are looking for assurance upandan. To those that went through this, you guys are the real MVPs, y’all deserve some accolades.
Don’t hesitate to share this. Thanks.

3 thoughts on “ONLINE

  1. Really true. I am a victim of this social media thingy. I remember when I was in 200 level and battling with serious low self esteem. I would go on instagram to find my secondary school mates really slaying and I start feeling depressed, I start wishing I could be like them and so on but thank for maturity. I have also been in a situation where I gave out irrelevant but private information about my self to people I only got to know through Facebook. No single day passes with me not wishing I could turn back time’s hand.

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