Lolade pls hold me!

One of the most touching and cutetest statement i ever heard was “Lolade pls hold me, I cannot hold myself!”

Apparently two of my nieces ages 4 and 15 were walking hand in hand, the elder one taking the younger one to school. But the elder one in a bid to reply a message on her phone let go of the younger one’s hand. At that singular moment many things happened.
Firstly her speed reduced, secondly she felt alone and so she had to run up as the one who was giving her morale had left her behind. And the more she stretched out her arms and couldn’t reach the older one’s hand which was now busy holding a phone, she burst out crying.
I was looking at the whole thing, I was about to scold the older one for leaving her sister because of a phone when she let out those heart warming words. Immediately my heart sank. Like who says that? How did a 4 year old think of such? Had she tried holding herself before but then it didn’t work? At that moment I also tried to hold myself, it didn’t make any sense to me. Like how do you hold hands with yourself? And then that morning my 4 year old niece had enlightened me in just roughly a minute.
In the words of John Donne. “No man is an island” That statement is so true. If you were placed in an island with all you could ever need excluding human relationships, you’d eventually wear out. Seen the movie, Passengers? It just can’t work. And so in life we would always need people and people would always need us. Relationship is key to survival.
Some people are moving and haven’t given up only because you haven’t given up. The goal might be scary but then the journey is beautiful just because you are walking with people on the same path as you. Could have been that my younger niece detests going to school, but the moment she was walking with her sister, she cast all her fears and worries away. She even tried to keep up in her own little way but the other party wasn’t involved. Can two walk except they agree? You might feel that person is slowing you down but have you ever thought about the other person, that even though you’re moving slowly the person is moving.
No, you only think of yourself. I bet at some point in life i walked the elder one to school when she was much younger, I could have even carried her on my back and all. Its not always about you. Think about others sometimes. Its not always about keeping track of your success, it’s time you started celebrating the success of those around you. Holding a phone when the battery is flat doesn’t make much sense, but holding hands with someone awake or asleep is lit. Someone said the spaces in between our fingers where created by God so they could be filled with another person’s hands.
Let the love literally flow between you. Holding hands is a promise to one another, that for just a moment, the two of you don’t have to face the world alone. I’ve seen a scenario where two amputees, right and left arms severed respectively where in a gathering of believers and the preacher said to put those beautiful hands together for Jesus. Yes they did put those beautiful hands together for Jesus. And it was a beautiful sight to behold. They could have complained of how they each had one arm, but they didn’t. They did it together.
Let me round off by asking, when last did you hold hands with your spouse, friend, sibling, parents or even that child you went to visit at the orphanage. See an elderly person trying to cross the road, a blind person or school children, why not lend a hand. Miracles happen when we hold hands, bonds get stronger and there is a sense of togetherness.
Remember that song we used to sing?
Hold somebody
Tell him that you love him
Put your hands together
And praise the Lord!

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