Please Lord help me get one more!

Those were the words that Pfc. Desmond Doss kept repeating as he rescued his fellow soldiers behind enemy lines. Doss enlisted as a soldier during World War II but was ostracized by his colleagues due to his pacifist beliefs and stance. He later went on to earn the respect of his colleagues and superiors for his bravery, selflessness and compassion after he risked his life to save 75 men in the Battle of Okinawa. Desmond Doss became the first conscientious objector to receive the Medal of Honour—America’s highest award for courage under fire.

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Yes, I am guilty as charged.

I wonder how many readers of this blog have asked themselves if I live what I preach. And like Paul too, I pray daily that I would not be a cast away after preaching to people. This becomes very important because the Bible makes us understand that many would be cast away on the last day after they have raised the dead, healed the sick, and did all sorts in God’s name. Isn’t that tragic? Continue reading


A lot of people are familiar with the saying “knowledge is power”. But I’m yet to hear that a biology textbook cured headache, or even the Bible raise the dead. In essence, , ownership of books do not  guarantee power or victory. What guarantees victory or power is the application of the information in these books. That’s why a pauper can pass an examination reading borrowed  books while a prince who has owns  the same books would  fail the same exam. Ownership isn’t key, application is!

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Apart from the fact that the music videos we have today are filled with vulgarism and explicit scenes, materialism seems to be the new sexy. Everyone is singing about cars, money, booze and lavish lifestyles. And all these are displayed in full HD on our TVs at no extra charge. Firstly, this goes against the 1st and 2nd commandments that says God only is our master and that we should not worship any graven image. (Exodus 20:4-5 KJV) Continue reading



When hashtag Y-O-L-O trended I was caught up in the frenzy and lived my life to the fullest since there was only one to live. The words crept into my subconscious that I didn’t mind anything again and so I hustled to earn a living, make money so I could just enjoy it all. “Nothing else mattered anymore”, not even church services or my fellowship. Why waste time at those quiet and “sane” places when I could spend time partying and hanging out with friends. I had better take all the risk today because I might be gone tomorrow. Besides only God knows those that would make it to heaven! Continue reading


Screenshot_2015-11-01-20-57-47-1What comes to mind when you hear TITANIC? A very large ship? The movie itself? The romance? The sinking of the ship? Well, read on. Just before the Titanic sailed off on its maiden voyage the builders made a boast which newspapers headlines carried and it read, “THIS SHIP IS UNSINKABLE, EVEN GOD HIMSELF CAN’T SINK IT!”. Unfortunately the Titanic ended up as a great tragedy, not even after several voyages but on its first! It was sunk, not by God “himself” but an iceberg! Pride they say goes before a fall, for Titanic pride went before the sink.
When men said the Titanic couldn’t be sunk by God, it revealed pride and arrogance against God. Pride is a negative spirit and sets one up for destruction. And the Bible clearly states that God resists the proud (James 4:6). The more a proud person tries to rise or forge ahead in life, the more God exerts Himself in opposition against him. Little wonder some people, in spite of their great abilities, aren’t making much progress in their lives.
Screenshot_2015-11-01-20-58-12-1 When the builders of Titanic made that arrogant statement, one would have expected God to come down in His great terribleness, sending lightning and thunder or even a storm but rather He used an ICED BLOCK to bring down great Titanic. That proved 1 Corinthians 1:27-29. “But God has chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty; and base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God chosen, yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are. That no flesh should glory in His presence”. Now that’s how God rolls. That proud MD had better be careful cos that secretary he keeps nagging at would soon replace him. You have never given God the glory for your gp? Maybe you said where you have gotten to today is by your parent’s power. Maybe God has just been merciful, maybe He wants you to have a rethink. Titanic never had a second voyage, it sank on its first voyage!
The bigger the pride, the bigger the fall. Am sure you can’t compare falling off a chair and falling off a cliff. Choose humility today, its the pathway to greatness. Pride precedes a fall but humility precedes promotion. You are long overdue for that promotion. Your case would never be like the Titanic in Jesus name!