I remember vividly even if it sounds weird, when I was a little child and I was the richest man in the world, at the same time was batman, superman, the flash and undertaker. Same I was a father to two kids my age. All these didn’t change the fact that I was a child. Those times I had faith to move mountain kilimanjaro and dry up the red sea at the same time. Continue reading


I don’t know if I was the only one who was a fan of dragonflies, was it just me that admired those wonderful creatures. I remember back then when I was younger, I saw them as helicopters. The way they took off, flew and even landed. Every day after school there was a part of the house I used to go just watch them and there I did a whole lot of imaginations. Continue reading


A few weeks ago I was in a Bible study group discussing FRUIT BEARING, when somebody raised the topic of the Fig tree that Christ cursed in Mark 11:12-14 because it had no fruits even though it wasn’t its season. Am guessing many of us would have questioned that passage too. Continue reading


During my university days when we had our chapel services, it was an offence for a student to slouch on the chair. But rebellion wasn’t far from the hearts of youths, hence the students violated this simple order. In order to stop students from slouching, the ushers had to walk through the aisles during the services to correct them and I happened to be an usher myself. Continue reading


The airplane came to being today due to two brothers’ dogged efforts and wild imagination even when others doubted anything like that could happen. Thomas Edison never gave up even when his invention failed 99 times, today we have light bulbs.

As much as we call them inventions, I call them creations. An invention is something invented as a product of the imagination (image-nation) or ideas. Continue reading


Today the world is populated with several kinds of sports from the popular to the not so popular ones, ranging from football to basketball to golf, tennis, swimming etc. All these sports have a time allocated to them to run. They run for minutes, hours, days. But there’s a particular one that runs for only 8 seconds. Continue reading